When Religion Meets Advertising

As I continue to sift through countless site on the web about advertising, I came across one that particularly interested me. Wonder Cafe,  a site based out of Canada, is all about religion.  As my blog continually discusses controvresial advertising, this site is particularly fitting.  Wonder Cafe has developed and advertising campaign that is intended to be controversial.  The idea behind the advertisments is to get people to discuss religion, and it is very successful.  I am unable to show the advertisements in my blog post, but go check them out!

Wonder Cafe Advertisments (click on the link entitled “Ad Campaign” in the bottom left corner of the home page)

 As a born and raised Catholic (not to mention 12 years of the Catholic school system), some of the advertisements go again what I was taught to believe.  The website strongly encourages individuals to talk about the advertisements, with discussion forums created for each ad.  I enjoyed the advertisements, and I think that they provide a good focal point for the ever-dreaded topic of discussion: religion.  I found the forums on these advertisements to be particularly interesting. 

 In my opinion, I beleive that Wonder Cafe does an excellent job of using controversial advertising to promote discussion about religion.

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2 Comments on “When Religion Meets Advertising”

  1. Rob Campbell Says:

    You’re right. i checked it out. And now I too believe http://wondercafe.ca does a terrific job promoting the free and easy discussions of contemporary theological issues in society. Thanks for pointing this out, and now I want to help spread the word about this ‘wonder’full new Canadian domain.

  2. Seine Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Seine.

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