It’s All in the Name

For a project in one of my college courses, I have joined a group of students in creating a website designed for an audience of college students.  One thing I have learned in my previous research about advertising is that a product’s, or in this case, a publication’s name is very important.  The name is so powerful that it can draw unsuspecting visitors to our site as well as deter individuals who might actually be interested in the information provided.

 Thus, search for our publication’s name is a difficult one.  I am asking if you have any ideas that you would please help us!  I have provided a little background information about the project and audience, so if any bright ideas come to mind, your comments would be greatly appreciated.

The audience is local college students in a small city in Western Wisconsin.  The city has three college campuses that the publication would target.  The publication itself will include sections on the following topics in the local area: entertainment, health, travel, relationships/dating, and the bar scene.

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