Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

Back in early February, I posted about the portrayal of women in the media.  At that time, I had heard of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, but knew very little about it.  Sure, I had seen the commercials of women “loving the skin their in,” but when someone posted a comment on my blog about the campaign, I became interested in Dove’s motives behind this particular campaign.

Through reasearch, Dove came to the conclusion that most women believe that the media and advertising set unrealistic standards for beauty that are unattainable for most women.  Thus, Dove has created a successful campaign that attempts to promote the beauty of all ages, sizes, and colors.  The idea promoted within the advertising is that each woman is different and different is beautiful.

 The campaign website provides links to many of Dove’s commercials, but it also provides statistics about how women view themselves in relationship to the media’s portrayal of beauty.   One of the most recent advertisements that was not allowed to air focused on promoting “pro-age” versus the common “anti-age” beauty products.  The commercial was very controversial, and the website even provides a forum for women to post their opinions, good or bad.

 After viewing the website, I think that the campaign is a postitive step for the portrayal of women in the media.  Every woman is beautiful, and they should “love the skin their in”.

In addition to the advertisements on this website, I also found a video about digital restoration/distortion.  The beginning of the video shows a woman’s face without makeup.  By the end of the film, this woman’s face has been transformed through makeup and digital retouching to be part of a billboard advertisement.  On the billboard, her face is unrecognizable. I strongly encourage you to check out the short film.

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3 Comments on “Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty”

  1. Laura Says:

    it is a nice campaign, yes. however, telling women they are great the way they are in one campaign and then demeaning them in another campaign such as AXE is not right. yes. the same company.
    furthermore, they tell us WE (westerners) are fine the way we are, and to love our own skin, and then turn around and tell eastern countries that they should lighten their skin with a new skin whitening cream to be more western and white?!

    it doesn’t make sense to me.

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