Fast-Forwarding Through the World of Advertising

One major outlet for advertisers is T.V. commercials, but with the increasing popularity of DVR services, commercials are beginning to disappear.  Last night I sat in the living room with my roommates to watch our Sunday night T.V. shows at about 9:30 p.m.  Although our favorite show starts at 9:00, we let our DVR service begin recording the show at 9:00, but we don’t watch it until around 9:30, so we can fast-forward through all of the commercial spots.


 A recent online articleby Technews World states that by 2010, over 50 percent of Americans will have some sort of DVR service in their homes.  Will this statistic be detrimental to the effectiveness of television commercials?  Most researchers say that it won’t be a problem.  Because television commercials are not the only outlet for advertisers, not many advertising agencies have been concerned.  In addition, DVR services are beginning to attempt to include advertisers in the DVR process.  For example, TiVo has proposed using pop-up icons of advertisers on the television screen when individuals are fast-forwarding through commercials (see graphic on the right).

Viewers will then be allowed to click on a company’s logo to view an advertisement or have additional product mailed to their home.  However, I don’t think that this advertising stunt will be very effective.  One of the main reasons people get DVR services in the first place is so that they don’t have to be bombarded with advertisments.

However, I don’t think that the increasing population of DVR services will have a large impact on the advertising world.  Though DVR services provide a way to avoid some advertising, advertisers are just going to find other ways to advertise.

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3 Comments on “Fast-Forwarding Through the World of Advertising”

  1. Laura Says:

    I think DVR is great for busy people who want to enjoy a program but avoid commercials. However, by allowing viewers to click on a company logo, businesses are selling themselves short.

  2. Chris Says:

    I agree that DVR will temporarily affect advertising strategy; however, we can be certain that advertisers will find ways to incorporate their ads into television programming. For example, I expect to see ad placement within television programs to increase exponentially. Next time you’re watching your favorite t.v. show, make sure to check out what brand of beer the star is holding.

  3. newhoosier Says:

    I have TiVo and absolutely love it. As far as ads are concerned, I think most are uneffective. How many people drink Coke? Is a Pepsi commercial going to transform 10% of Coke’s customer base?

    Unless the product or service is new, or has been changed, most people probably don’t buy stuff they see in ads. I see virtually a car commercial in each commercial block, but not only am I not going to buy their car–I’m not in the market to buy any car.

    Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising. A good recommendation will lead to a new customer long before prodcut placement or commercials. So the answer is not to pop-up your logo while people are paying a lot of money to avoid your commercial–the answer is to have a solid product and the best customer service/support/interactions of any of your competitors.

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