The recent (RED) campaign, founded by Bono and Boddy Shriver, raises money to eliminate AIDS in Africa.  This ad campaign joins many companies, from Gap to Motorola, in a fight for a good cause.  The participating companies promote the campaign by advertising special editionsof products in the color red: a red ipod, a red Gap t-shirt, a red American Express card, a red Armani watch, and so on.

 The idea behind the campaign is simple: citizen consumers have great power.  Individuals can choose to buy or not to buy certain products.  If consumers sign up for (RED) services or buy (RED) products, at no additional cost to them, the campaign will donate money to distribute medicine to AIDS victims in Africa.

 The founders of (RED) believe that if the (RED) products meet the consumer’s needs, when given a choice, they will choose (RED) sponsors over non-(RED) sponsers.  As consumers begin to choose (RED) products over non-(RED) products, more and more companies will want to join the campaign, because it makes good business sense to do so.  Thus, the more companies selling (RED) products, the more lives saved.

 I don’t think it is that difficult of a decision.  Buy (RED); save lives.

 After my last few posts about the negative aspects of advertising, it is refreshing to research a campaign for a good cause.  Go (RED), I did.

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One Comment on “Empowe(RED)”

  1. newhoosier Says:

    This advertising doesn’t impress me. It’s just another way for people to judge each other. Just because I don’t have a red ipod, doesn’t mean I don’t donate 15% of my total income to charity. And 15% of my total income is way more than that charity would get than had I bought a few trivial products.

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