Starbucks Pulls Advertising Prank

At Connecticut and K NW, good Samaritan Debbie Harris falls for the cup-on-car-roof trick  --  part of a Starbucks promotion. 

This woman stopped to assist someone who began driving and left their coffee on the roof of their car.  Little did she know she was part of a advertising stunt by Starbucks.

The past few holiday seasons, Starbucks has taken a different approach to advertising.  During the winter months, Starbucks sells holiday-flavored coffee in red cups.  To advertise these drinks, the Starbucks company has been reported attaching red cup replicas to the tops of cars around larger cities.  The idea is that individuals will stop the driver to let him/her know that they left their cup of coffee on the roof of the car.  The drivers then spread the message, “Happy holidays from Starbucks” and give the individual a coupon for Starbucks.

 This promotion breaks the boundaries of print advertising and commercials.  In a society that is overloaded with advertisements, I think that this campaign is a refreshing change to the advertising individuals see every day.  I commend the creative minds behind this cup-on-the-car stunt.

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One Comment on “Starbucks Pulls Advertising Prank”

  1. sanityforsale Says:

    very clever pr stunt. I just wish it was someone other that those corporate pigs.

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