Another Opinion About the Superbowl

Ok, so I’ll have one last post about the commericals in the Superbowl.  As I was looking at some other blog posts about the commercials, I found some rather disappointed viewers.  One particular blogger put a lot of energy into saying how bad the commercials were this year.  I thought a lot of them were funny.  So what if I found the grocery store clerk amusing when she rang up the Dorritos?

Check out her opinion

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2 Comments on “Another Opinion About the Superbowl”

  1. food4you Says:

    Not all the commercials were that bad this year. Ii have to agree without. I found both dorito’s comercials entertaining. I also liked the blockbuster and taco bell ones. The only budweiser one I enjoyed was therock paper scissors. So don’t feel bad about liking the comercials… everyone has a favorite.

  2. krobby Says:

    I thought the commercials this year were better than last years. I always like the Fed-Ex commercials and the one with “Mr. Turkey Neck” and such was hilarious. I mean there are always lame one, aka all car commercials, but I thought they were pretty good this year.

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